NEWS:  JULY 12TH 2016:

MW Insulation achieves A+ for its Supaphen Phenolic pipe insulation in the BRE Green Guide ratings

BRE's Environmental profile assessment is a 60 year cradle to grave analysis of a product's environmental impacts, generating an Ecopoints score and a Green Guide rating which can be used by BREEAM assessors when designing buildings with a focus on sustainability.

The basis of the BREEAM scheme is to generate a certificate for individual buildings reflecting the performance of the building against a set of defined environmental criteria. Specifiers are looking to achieve credits for products used against BREEAM Mat 04. Green Guide ratings for individual products range from E to A+. Using A or A+ rated insulation products contributes to achieving the maximum points required for getting the Mat 04 credit.

Mike Whelan of MW Insulation commented: "MW Insulation and BRE worked on the initial Environmental Profile Assessment for Supaphen phenolic in 2015. At the time, BRE's analysis produced an Ecopoints score and green guide rating based on the profile of Supaphen phenolic in flat sheet insulation form. In 2016 BRE have developed calculation software that enables assessments and profiles on pipe insulation as it is applied on the key services from chilled through to hot water pipe work in buildings. 5 out of the 6 services assessed have produced A+ ratings for Supaphen pipe insulation.

"These application specific ratings for Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation will make life easier for specifiers to identify the most efficient products for their projects. This certification and the upgraded ratings further reflect MW Insulation's commitment to maintaining the standards, test data and accreditation required for thermal insulation in the UK market." 

All of these ratings by application and service, along with with relevant certificates of verification are now listed on www.greenbooklive.com Please visit our Supaphen product page where this information can also be accessed. 


Contact Mike Whelan or Scott Milner for more information.




MW Insulation and Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation are listed on the BRE's Greenbooklive website - A cradle to grave product profile over a 60 year period...

This listing includes our Environmental Profile Certificate of Validation ENP512 and an A rating to the Green guide on Supaphen pipe insulation.

Mike Whelan, Managing Director of MW Insulation commented: "The combination of BRE's Environmental profile certification on Supaphen and the A-Green guide rating will contribute 3 points towards a BREEAM assessment which achieves a credit to Mat 4 - Insulation. Specifiers are increasingly using the Green guide ratings as product selection criteria and we are delighted our Supaphen product has achieved this accreditation as it confirms our product is of the best quality standard - all round."

The BREEAM ratings equate to new and refurbished buildings and the BRE's Environmental profile methodology assesses indicators that reflect impacts occurring globally. The data gathered on Supaphen phenolic provided a cradle to grave product profile over a 60 year study period.

MW Insulation are committed to environmental improvement and operate to a certified ISO14001 environmental management system which also contributes to Green guide ratings.

Certificate details can be found on www.greenbooklive.com website and please visit our Supaphen product page for full details. 



MW Insulation has achieved certification to ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard 

This standard requires organisations to have an environmental policy and action plan to manage their impact on their environment. Certified organisations are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained.

ISO 14001 certification is part of MW Insulation's commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the business including our certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

MW Insulations ISO 14001 certificate can also contribute to the BREEAM 2011 assessment criteria for credits on a buildings overall rating when MW's product is being specified or submitted for use.

Our certificate is available HERE.


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