January 2017 - Technical Update

MW Insulation achieves A+ for its Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation in the BRE Green Guide ratings



MW Insulation achieves A+ for its Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation in the BRE Green Guide ratings

Further to our technical update of July 2016, MW Insulation can confirm the following details on the use of the Green Book Live certification relevant to Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation.

BRE's Environmental profile assessment is a 60 year cradle to grave analysis of a product's environmental impacts, generating an Ecopoints score and a Green Guide rating which can be used by BREEAM assessors when designing buildings with a focus on sustainability.

BRE have now developed a Green Guide rating model which is specifically for pipe insulation and has applied the model to Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation, which is manufactured by MW Insulation.

Previously the Green Guide to Specification only assessed insulation materials in flat form. More recently the pipe insulation categories have been added to provide more specific selection criteria.

Element numbers quoted refer to "generic" models within the Green Guide.

The certificate reference numbers listed below have been created specifically by the BRE for MW Insulations Supaphen pipe insulation product and its application using the pipe insulation category, assessed using the BRET Environmental Profiles Certification Scheme.

The revised ratings are application specific as follows:

BRE have carried out the first year review of our classification and listing ENP512. The data provided for the review was within satisfactory limits and as a result, MW Insulation's certification and listing will be maintained for another year. The ratings and certificates demonstrate the thermal effectiveness and environmental benefit of using Supaphen phenolic pipe insulation and can be found on www.greenbooklive.com using the search engine and entering MW Insulation or Supaphen.

All relevant documentation and certificates are listed on our Supaphen product page. 

Contact Mike Whelan or Scott Milner for more information.

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