About MW Insulation Limited

MW Insulation is privately owned and managed by long-standing industry professionals with extensive experience in commercial, technical and manufacturing aspects of rigid foam insulation.

Led by an international industry pioneer, Mike Whelan, with his global track record, has since the mid-1990s, been at the forefront of the introduction of phenolic foam insulation in the UK and globally. With this breadth of knowledge and experience, MW Insulation can rightly claim its undoubted pedigree within this specialist market sector.

SUPAPHENWith the support of major international phenolic and PIR foam producers and well-respected ancillary component suppliers, MW Insulation has become the leading UK independent fabricator and supplier of phenolic and PIR industrial insulation products. It offers two main fabricated rigid foam products, Supaphen Phenolic and Supapir Polysocyanurate (PIR) in pipe sections, pipe supports and cut sheets which can be supplied with a range of factory applied finishes including standard foil, mylar foil and Vapor Fas 62-05. Additionally MW Insulation can now supply Proclad 150 external weatherproof/UVR resistant factory applied jacketing for Supaphen phenolic, available in plain silver, stucco, black or white.  

MW Insulation is also the UK distributor of Supercel® Alumen Air range of laminated phenolic foam boards for Ducting applications.

MW Insulation continues to invest in its manufacturing facilities and in product and process testing, accreditation and product certifications to ensure ongoing product standards compliance, quality, and efficiency of production. This is combined with a drive for commitment to excellence which is demonstrated by the accreditation held by the company.


  • ISO14001:2015 British Assessment Bureau, UKAS approved
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Centre for Assessment, UKAS approved
  • EN 15804:2012+A1:2013 BRE Global verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) (Supaphen)
  • EN14314 European product standard compliant, CE marked (Supaphen)
  • EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Fire testing certification for 25mm and 50mm thick Supaphen Phenolic Foiled Pipe Insulation achieving BL s1 d0 classification

Specified with confidence, backed by international, technically strong suppliers, fully tested and accredited 



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- JUNE: MW is re-certified to UKAS 14001:2015 Management Systems until 2023


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